May 27, 2015 Record of the Day

Moby-GrapeAmong the many bands to come out of San Francisco in the mid to late 60s was Moby Grape. Their self-titled debut album caused quite a stir. Columbia records simultaneously released 8 cuts from the album as singles, greatly confusing radio programmers as which one to play. As a result, on some of the album covers (as shown here) band member Don Stephenson extended his middle finger (later airbrushed out.) The album, released in 1967, is worth up to $20.00 without the finger and up to $300.00 with the fingerFind the value for every album, 45, and 78 by over 65,000 recording artists with the Mighty John Record Appraisal Guide on CD, listing the values for over a million records. It’s available in the left hand column.

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