June 23, 2015 Record of the Day

Whats-Goin-OnFollowing the death of his singing partner, Tammi Terrell, Motown superstar Marvin Gaye fell into a deep depression. After years of well-crafted top-40 airplay it was a song of political consciousness that brought him out of the doldrums. “What’s Going On” was released in 1971. Ironically, it was the first album on which Motown’s studio band, the Funk Brothers, were given credit. Released on Motown’s subsidiary Tamla label, the album is worth up to $100.00 today. Marvin Gaye is among the over 65,000 recording artists you’ll find on the “Mighty John Record Appraisal Guide” on CD listing the values for over a million records. It’s available in the left hand column. Also check out our new companion guide, “Records You Should Know About.” Just click on the link in the yellow strip above.

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