June 27, 2015 Records of the Day

Impalas 45ImpalasOne of the great one-hit-wonders of the early Rock and Roll era is “Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)” by the Impalas, a vocal group from Brooklyn. It was the legendary Dee Jay Alan Freed who got them a recording contract. The 45 is worth up to $25.00 if it shows the title as “Sorry” (I Ran All the Way Home” but up to $100.00 if the label reads “I Ran All the Way Home” as shown here. Their one and only album was released by Cub records in 1959. A mono copy is worth up to $350.00. A stereo version can sell for $500.00 today. To have Mighty John the Record Guy personally appraise your records within 24 hours, just click on “Online Appraisals” near the top of the page.

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