July 25, 2015 Records of the Day

Ral Donner 45Ral-DonnerSome say Ral Donner sounded more like Elvis than Elvis. He wasn’t an Elvis impersonator like we see today. He was the real thing, even backed up by the Jordanaires who were Elvis’ backup singers. Elvis’ main guitar player Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana also played on Ral Donner records. Ral Donner’s biggest hit came in 1963 with “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until You Lose It.” A copy can get you $25.00 today. His album “Taken Care of Business,” released on Gone records in 1961, is now worth up to $200.00. Ral Donner is among the over 65,000 recording artists you’ll find on the “Mighty John Record Appraisal Guide” on CD listing the values for over a million records (albums, 45s, & 78s). It’s available in the left hand column. Also check out our new companion guide, “Records You Should Know About.” Just click on the link in the yellow strip above.

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