August 29, 2015 Records of the Day

Wooly BullySam-the-ShamDomingo Samudio had one of the biggest hits in the history of Rock ‘N’ Roll. In 1965 he recorded as Sam the Sham. Along with his group the Pharaohs, he made “Wooly Bully” a true classic, selling 3 million copies that year alone. Most copies are found on MGM records and worth up to $50.00.  But he first tasted success in 1964 with “Haunted House.” Released on Dingo records, that 45 is worth up to $100.00 today. “Wooly Bully” is just one of the over 1,000,000 record values you’ll find listed on the “Mighty John Record Appraisal Guide” on CD, available in the left hand column. It covers albums, 45s, and 78s by over 65,000 recording artists. Also check out our new companion guide, “Records You Should Know About.” Just click on the link in the yellow strip above.

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