November 23, 2015 Records of the Day

Connie-FrancisYardbirdsMany recording artists in the 1960s and 70s made special promotional records for brand name advertisers. Connie Francis released an album in 1961 for Brylcreem with its slogan “A Little Dab’ll Do ya.” Not a big collectible it’s worth up to $20.00. But in 1964 the Yardbirds issued a 45 on Epic records as a promotion for Esquire socks. The title on the record label reads “I Wish You Would,” but the picture sleeve correctly reads “I Wish You Could.” Record, with picture sleeve with correct title, is worth up to $800.00 today. If your records are lost, damaged, or stolen, let your insurance company know that Mighty John the Record Guy and  can give them the most accurate replacement value.

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