December 26, 2015 Record of the Day

Martha-ReevesMartha Reeves and the Vandellas was Motown’s second most popular and successful girl-group of the sixties. Martha Reeves states in her autobiography that she and the Vandellas could have been more successful but were held back because Barry Gordy was obsessed with showcasing Diana Ross & the Supremes. As a result, bad feelings developed between Reeves and Ross. The 1963 album “Come and Get These Memories” by Martha and The Vandellas, released on Gordy records, is worth up to $400.00 in mono. Stereo versions are worth up to $600.00 today. FOR BIG SAVINGS ON ALL OUR RECORD GUIDES, CLICK ON MIGHTY JOHN’S DISCOUNT PACKAGES IN THE YELLOW STRIP ABOVE.

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