December 27, 2015 Record of the Day

Mess-Around-red-and-black-labelMess-Around-yellow-and-black-label“Plains, Trains, and Automobiles” is one of those movies that has become a Thanksgiving tradition to watch. It’s the story of Steve Martin trying to get home in time for the holiday while traveling with John Candy. In one part of the film, Candy lip-syncs to the Ray Charles classic “Mess Around.” A 78 rpm version from 1953 on a red and black Atlantic record label is worth up to $150.00. An original 45 rpm version on a yellow and black Atlantic record label is worth up to $300.00 today. Ray Charles is among the over 65,000 recording artists you’ll find on the “Mighty John Record Appraisal Guide” on CD listing the current market values for over a million records (albums, 45s, & 78s). It’s available in the left hand column.

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