February 23, 2016 Record of the Day

Grace-BrimGrace Brim was one of the few female Blues artists in Chicago after the end of World War ll. She often played harmonica and sang on the records recorded by her husband, John Brim. On her first release “Hospitality Blues,” she also played drums. Issued by J.O.B. records in 1952, it’s worth up to $4,500.00 today. It’s a record your should know about. “Records you should know about” are records that most people have never heard by recording artists most people have never heard of BUT can be worth a LOT of money.  Mighty John’s new “Records You Should Know About” appraisal guide ($10.95) lists thousands of them, each worth at least up to $500.00 or more. Click on “Records You Should Know About” in the yellow strip above for free samples.

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