November 28, 2016 Records of the Day

Headstones-Garage-RockFour-More-garage-rockThose 45s that fall into a “Garage Rock” category can be quite valuable. In 1966 Pharaoh records released the single “24 Hours” by the Headstones. A copy is now worth up to $1,500.00. That same year Fairchild records issued “Problem Child” by the Four More. An original copy can get you as much as $2,500.00 today. These are records you should know about. “Records you should know about” are records that most people have never heard by recording artists most people have never heard of BUT can be worth a LOT of money. The “Records You Should Know About” appraisal guide is on CD in Microsoft Word. Click on “Records You Should Know About” in the yellow strip above for free samples.

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