May 13, 2017 Records of the Day

In 1956 Robert Spencer of the popular Doo Wop group, the Cadillacs, wrote “My Boy Lollypop” and had it recorded by singer Barbie Gaye. As a 78 on Darl Records it’s now worth up to $75.00. It never became a big hit until alleged underworld record producer Morris Levy took the “y” out of Lollypop and then took credit for writing “My Boy Lollipop” with an “i” instead of “y.” In 1964 it became a smash on the Smash record label, selling over 6 million copies for songstress Millie Small. A mono copy of the “My Boy Lollipop” album can get you $50.00 today, a stereo copy $75.00.

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