May 24, 2017 Record of the Day



“Introducing the Beatles” was released on Vee Jay records in 1963. It is one of the most difficult albums to appraise as there are 15 variations of the originals, ranging in value from up to $350 to $20,000.00, and probably more counterfeits on the market than originals. There are several ways to spot an original from a fake. Perhaps the best way is by the label on the record. If both “The Beatles” and “Introducing the Beatles” are printed above the hole in the middle of the label, then chances are its real. If “Introducing the Beatles” is printed above the hole and “The Beatles” below the hole, then it’s a counterfeit. All known counterfeit records are listed and described on the “Mighty John’s Record Appraisal Guide” in the left hand column on this page.

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