November 4, 2017 Records of the Day






“Bonanza” was one of TV’s most popular and successful series, running for 14 years. But the Cartwrights were also recording artists. Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964 with “Ringo,” a song about the outlaw Johnny Ringo. But the album on RCA is worth no more than $20.00. However, Hoss Cartwright (Dan Blocker) had an album in 1961 called “Tales for Young ‘Uns.” Released on Trey Records, its worth up to $100.00. And Little Joe (Michael Landon) put out the single “Gimme a Little Kiss” in 1962. Released on Fono Graf Records, the 45 with picture sleeve can sell for $125.00 today.

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