September 23, 2014 Record of the Day

One of the few Elvis movie soundtracks to hit #1 on the Billboard album charts in the mid-60s was “Roustabout.” Also starring the legendary Barbara Stanwyck, the album featured no hit singles, unlike most Elvis films. Released on RCA, the value depends on several factors. A mono copy with “mono” at the bottom of the label is worth up to $400.00. A mono copy with “monaural” at the bottom of the label is up to $100.00. A stereo copy with “stereo” at the bottom of a black label can get you $400.00. A copy with the RCA logo in white on a black label and other print in silver is worth up to $75.00. A version where the label is orange and the vinyl is rigid can sell for $150.00. An orange label with flexible vinyl is no more than $30.00. The album with a tan label is valued up to $100.00, but a black label with dog near the top is no more than $20.00. Always know which issue you have of any record before you buy or sell.

Elvis and the Beatles are among the most collectible recording artists of all time. Now you can order the “Complete Elvis and Beatles” listings for just $5.00. You’ll get the current market value for every Elvis and every Beatles record including all 45s, 78s, and albums. (over 2,000 records). If you have an Elvis or Beatles record not listed we will do any additional research for free. The listings are in Microsoft word and will be sent to your email address within 24 hours after your order is placed. To get your copy of the “Complete Elvis and Beatles” listings for $5.00 click on Elvis-Beatles List near the top of the page.


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