October 25, 2014 Records of the Day

Among the one-hit wonders of the early 60s is Kris Jensen thanks to songwriter and hit-maker John D Loudermilk. After the Everly Brothers turned down Loudermilk’s composition of “Torture,” it was given to Kris Jensen who took it to the top-20 on the Billboard Hot 100. After seeing its success the Everly Brothers did record it but to no avail. Their 45 of “Torture,” released by Warner Brothers, is worth no more than $15.00 while Kris Jensen’s album “Torture” on Hickory records from 1962 is worth up to $150.00 today. Find the most up-to-date value of your records from Mighty John the Record Guy within 24 hours. Just click on “Online Appraisals” at the top of the page.




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