November 29, 2014 Record of the Day

The Marvelettes was the first of Motown’s girl-groups to have a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. It happened in 1961 with “Please Mr. Postman.”   With the rise of the Supremes, the Marvelettes were given less promotion. But despite the money and heavy promotion being showered on the Supremes, the Marvelettes still cranked out classics like “Playboy,” Beechwood 4-5789,” and “Don’t Mess with Bill.” Their 1963 album “Marvelous “Marvelettes,” released on Motown’s Tamla label, is worth up to $300.00 today. Which other records by the Marvelettes are worth $300.00 or more? Find out with the Mighty John Record Appraisal Guide on CD. It lists the values for over a million records by over 65,000 recording artists and is available in the left hand column. 

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