December 30, 2014 Record of the Day

The Platters was without a doubt the most prolific and successful Doo Wop group of the early Rock and Roll era. The hits started in 1955 with “Only You.” That was followed by more classics like “The Great Pretender,” “My Prayer,” and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.” But it’s one of the Platters’ earliest releases that is among their most collectible. In 1954 Federal records issued the Platters single “I Need You All the Time.” An original copy, as seen here, can sell for $750.00 today. Which other records by the Platters are worth $750.00 or more? Find out with the Mighty John Record Appraisal Guide on CD. It lists the values for over a million records by over 65,000 recording artists and is available in the left hand column.


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