Mighty John Testimonials


Just for the “record” Mighty John gets a HUGE response from my listeners.”…Jim Bohannon (Westwood One Radio Network)

“When Mighty John is on my show we fear the phones will cause a 10-alarm fire.” … Tom Marr (WCBM, Baltimore)

“Mighty John is the ultimate radio guest!”…Howie Carr (WRKO, Boston)

“Mighty John burns down our phones every time he’s on my radio show.”… John Hancock (WBT, Charlotte)

“Mighty John knows his stuff. Rave reviews from K-Earth.” …Gary Bryan (KRTH, Los Angeles)

“Our listeners respond with tremendous enthusiasm each time Mighty John is on.”… Bob Clark (KKOB, Albuquerque)

“Want instant phones? Book Mighty John the Record Guy now!” … Brian Thomas (WKRC, Cincinnati)

“What Mighty John knows about the value of vinyl is frightening!” …Stephen King (world’s best-selling author)

“Of all the guests I’ve had on my show, Mighty John is the listeners’ favorite…by far!”… Jonny Hartwell (3WS, Pittsburgh)

“Mighty John lights up the phones with listeners we never heard from before.”… Bob Steel (KARN, Little Rock)

“When it comes to records, Mighty John is a talking search engine…and much more entertaining” …Phil Parker (KFYR, Bismarck)

“There isn’t a record Mighty John doesn’t know of. Our listeners can’t stump him.”…Angela Kokott (Newstalk 770, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

“Mighty John…an endangered species”… (PLAYBOY magazine)

“Phones, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail…all full…when Mighty John is on our show” …Dave Priest (WRNN,Myrtle Beach)

“Mighty John is truly a force of nature with the sharpest mind for music I know. The listeners just love him!”… Jordan Rich (WBZ, Boston)

“When Mighty John comes on the show the phones light up. People can’t get enough of him.”…Joe Wade Formicola (WPTF, Raleigh)

“My listeners go nuts every time Mighty John the Record Guy is on the show.”…Johnny Edwards (KGOR, Omaha)

“If you need to know anything about the value of vinyl, Mighty John the Record Guy is the man to talk to. He’s terrific and listeners love calling in to speak with him.”… Barry Morgan (CJAD, Montreal)

“We love having Mighty John on the show because it seems like EVERYBODY in the audience has old records they’ve kept…And he gets Top-40 style radio. He tells listeners what their records are worth IMMEDIATELY.”… Ross Brittain (WOGL, Philadelphia)

“Mighty John has proven to be a huge guest on Ask Us Stuff Day…The phones go bananas before, during and even days after he appears on the show…An interactive home-run every time!”…Randy James (KZPS, Dallas)

“Nobody knows more about old music than Mighty John! Always enjoy having John on my radio show. We get great listener response.”…J.R. Snider (Winston-Salem)

“Mighty John is always entertaining! A great feature on our show every time.”… Tamme Taylor (KBGO, Waco)

“Whether I’m on KDKA, Pittsburgh or 570 WKBN, Youngstown; Mighty John brings out the record collector in every age group and the phones never stop ringing !”…Mike Romigh (KDKA, Pittsburgh, WKBN, Youngstown

“Mighty John Marshall is one of my favorite guests. It’s not that he’s THAT good. It’s just that I’m THAT lazy. When John is on my show, the phones don’t stop and I just sit back and enjoy.”… Jack Pattie (WVLK, Lexington)

“Mighty John always gets great response- whether its phone calls, tweets, e-mails, or Facebook-listeners line up to talk with him.”…Pete Kaliner (WWNC, Asheville, NC)

“The major building block of the ‘Talk Show Universe’ include: is it interesting, interactive, conversational and informative? ‘Mighty John Marshall, the Record Guy, has mastered them ALL!”… Phil Paleologos (WBSM, Fall River,MA)

“It’s always nice to have a trick left in the bag for when you need to get the phones ringing…that’s Mighty John the Record Guy.”… Bill Keeler (WIBX, Utica)

“We got 8000 emails the first time Mighty John was on the KTLA Morning News”…(KTLA-TV, Los Angeles)

“Our viewers love the segments when Mighty John is on.” …Aly Schultz, producer “Good Day Sacramento

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