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August 23, 2017 Record of the Day

Here’s a trivia question. Who was the first white solo artist to record for Motown? That would be Debbie Dean. She was signed by Motown founder Barry Gordy in the early 1960s. Her first single was “Don’t Let Him Shop Around,” which was an answer song to the Miracles’ hit “Shop Around.” Besides being a white recording artist for Motown she was also one of the oldest singers of the day, well into her mid-30s. Her last single for Motown was “Everybody’s Talking About My Baby.” Released in 1962, the 45 is worth up to $75.00. The picture sleeve by itself can get you $125.00 today.

August 22, 2017 Records of the Day

In 1961 Gary U.S. Bonds hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Quarter To Three.” Reportedly, Gary and his band were celebrating their first hit “New Orleans” when someone turned on a tape recorder and captured live the band singing “Quarter To Three” to the instrumental “A Night with Daddy G” by the Church Street Five. The result was a fuzzy, distorted recording. But Legrand records decided to release it just as it was. That 45 is worth up to $25.00 but the album “Dance Til Quarter to Three” can sell for $100.00 today.

August 21, 2017 Record of the Day

Bob Crane began his career in 1956 as a Dee Jay on a Los Angeles radio station. In 1961 he started doing bit parts on TV. It was Donna Reed who first recognized his acting potential and he was given a recurring role as neighbor Dr. Dave Kelsey on “The Donna Reed Show.” Then, in 1965 he landed the role he’ll always be known for as Col. Hogan on “Hogan’s Heroes.” In 1966 Epic records released the single “Theme from Hogan’s Heroes” with Bob Crane on drums. The 45 with picture sleeve can get you $100.00 today.

August 20, 2017 Records of the Day

Big Brother and the Holding Company were spawned in the psychedelic era, and when they latched on to Janis Joplin who was choosing to join them or the 13thFloor Elevators they would become a part of the legend and history of Rock N Roll. Following their appearance at the Monterrey Pop Festival, their first album was released on Mainstream records, which was mostly a Jazz label.  Released in 1967, it contains their first hit “Down on Me.” The single is worth up to $20.00 but the debut “Big Brother and the Holding Company” album can sell for $100.00 today.

August 19, 2017 Record of the Day

“Rock That Beat” might be one of the most unusual albums of all time. Released in 1958, it consists of famous Jazz musicians playing Rock N Roll. These Jazz greats, playing with Boots Brown and his Blockbusters and Dan Drew and His Daredevils, wanted to remain anonymous in fear of being embarrassed. Those “anonymous” Jazz musicians included Shorty Rogers, Gerry Mulligan, and J.J. Johnson among others. Released on Groove records, a copy of “Rock That Beat” is now worth up to $100.00.

On This Day August 18th in Rock & Roll History

On this day August 18, 1963 the song that everyone is singing across the U.S.A is by a 21-year-old who is lucky that Bobby Darin recommends him to be given this classic song. The new kid could not say thanks enough as it becomes the signature song of his long career. I’m sure Wayne Newton did say “Danke Shoen.” But Bobby beats Wayne when it comes to value. The “Danke Shoen” 45 is worth no more than $10.00 but Bobby’s signature song “Mack the Knife” can sell for $40.00 today.

August 17, 2017 Records of the Day

In 1961 Mattel released a three-record set called “Barbie Sings” featuring Charlotte Austin as Barbie and Bill Cunningham as Ken. Titles include “My First Date,” “Recipe for Instant Love,” and “Nobody Taught Me.” Individual records are worth up to $20.00 each but the entire three-record set is worth up to $150.00 to record collectors as well as Barbie doll collectors.

On This Day August 16 in Rock & Roll History

On this day April 16, 1977 in Rock and Roll history the world is shocked by the death of a king. It was 40 years ago today that those of us who were old enough to remember felt the cringe at the news that Elvis Presley was dead. For those of us who were there when he first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and turned our black and white world into color we can never forget what was essentially a life-changing experience. Long live the king!

August 15, 2017 Records of the Day

Those obscure Soul records issued in the U.S. in the 60s and 70s are heavily coveted by record collectors. Known as “Northern Soul,” these singles command big money. In 1966 Old Town records released “Left Out” by Jesse Johnson. An original copy is worth up to $1,200.00. In 1965 Mala records released the Timmie Williams 45 “Competition.” An original copy can sell for $3,000.00 today.